About Me

My name is Rebecca Hesseltine, my friends and family know me as Becky. I am an Evidential Medium and Intuitive Healer.  Being an Evidential Medium means that I can connect with loved ones in the spirit world and give you evidence of who they were on this physical plane so you receive a knowing that their survival surpasses their physical death.  The messages that come through from the spirit person are very healing and brings loving connections to my clients.  The Intuitive element of what I do allows for my clients to receive clear evidence and messages of what their soul self is wanting to communicate to them and/or receive guidance towards their inner growth.  These readings are personalized and allows for clients to see themselves in a new light, gain clarity, healing, and a connection to their higher self and intuition.

My background and personal story:

I have my Masters Degree in Eduction, my undergrad in Health Sciences with emphasis in Health Education and I hold a Teaching Credential in Health Science Education. I’ve spent most of my professional career in the wellness field as a Health and Life Coach for two large insurance companies supporting thousands of clients in my coaching career.

I didn’t always know what my gifts were or even thought that my sensitivities were in fact “gifts”. I didn’t allow myself to embrace my sensitivities out of fear of the unknown. From 2011-2017 my life took some drastic twists and turns. Long story short, a lot happened and I gained a new perspective on life. After releasing fears and embracing all of who I am including my sensitivities, I embarked on an empowered path towards further self discovery. I discovered that I am a Medium and a Psychic. Not only that, I also know in my heart that my purpose, at this time in my life, is to share my gifts.

I’ve now done hundreds of readings. I’ve also spent time at the Arthur Findley Collage in Europe studying and practicing under the worlds most renown Mediums and Psychics. It’s powerful and healing work. It’s such an honor to share this. The biggest thing that I have learned from 2011-2017 is that my sensitivities are in fact not scary and my connection to the spirit word is so loving. The spirit world is an ever-loving and blissful place, the spirit people are around us because of the love they have for us.

Embracing all of who I am is the best thing I could have done for myself and it’s very empowering. I look forward to connecting with you, supporting you in becoming empowered in your own skin and the honor of facilitating a healing experience for you.

“Live for today”

~Alex Jacob Wurtz