My name is Becky Hesseltine and I am an Evidential Medium and Intuitive Healer.  Being an Evidential Medium means that I have the honor of connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world and giving you evidence of who they were on this physical plane so you receive a knowing that their survival surpasses their physical death.  The messages that come through from the spirit person are very healing and brings loving connections to my clients.  With intuitive healing I connect with the client and deliver personalized messages of healing, deep connection to self, and guidance towards living out their full potential. I love connecting with clients one-on-one with private sessions along with group mediumship demonstrations and group healing work. Please reach out with any questions you have. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Becky’s fear releasing meditation immediately changed the vibration that I had been living at. The fear left my body and I was overwhelmed with a beautiful peace. I have also done private and group sessions with Becky. Becky is incredibly authentic and loving and I’ve always felt very safe opening myself up to her healing.
— Jamie Salyer Eagle, CO
First of all Becky has an aura of peace and kindness that enrgized the room. I have had an experience with a medium and done past life regression in the past but was still a little skeptical and uncertain whether this group session would be of any value. I am at a stage in my life where there is fear and doubt and was hoping for some guidance. Becky received some very specific and helpful information which she wrote down while not knowing to or for whom the information was being received. She nailed the truth of my past mistakes and the positive result on my self and those whom I love. She nailed my need to “let go” and the importance of letting love shine through my creations. I will call her soon for further work and a medium session as well. I don’t know her history but she s the real deal.
— Anthony Pisacano,MD West Palm Beach, Fl (Group Intuitive Healing)
During and after the meditation I felt amazingly centered and grounded. Even though I had lots of background noise happening in our home (kids were very active in the other room) I was still able to tap into my intuition and receive guidance. Also, I had been fighting a sinus infection for over a month and woke up the next morning feeling more like myself than I had in weeks. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Becky is incredibly gifted and I can’t wait to attend more of her meditations and workshops.
— Katie, Frame, Dublin, CA (Fear Releasing Group Meditation)
Becky was so instrumental in helping me find my deeper purpose, her deep intuition was so accurate and as a result, reminded me to trust my own intuition implicitly!
— Terresa- Eagle, CO (Intuitive Healing Session)
I believe I connected with aunt and uncle. It was a very emotional experience and I was not sure what to expect. Beck was very sensitive to the individuals present and was cautious at every step to ensure that her clients felt safe and comfortable. It was a really wonderful experience not only for myself but also watching others experience connections they may have not otherwise ever been able to experience!
— Kati D. Eagle, CO (Group Mediumship Reading)
With Becky’s guidance and knowledge, I am now able to slow my thoughts. Listen to my intuition. Trust life again. The message Becky was able to give me has calmed my anxiety and I am now able to move forward with anticipation, not fear. Becky is a very capable healer, a pure light and really fun to work with.
— Anonymous (has received both private intuitive healing and a private mediumship sessions)
Attending Becky’s events always feels like a big loving hug from the universe. She has a gentle, but powerful essence about her that transforms the space and people that she works with.
— Traci NightHawk

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